Technical Audit

SIM has a strong experience in performing a complex level of professional technical audit during the works contract implementation phase, in order to deliver an independent opinion regarding overall performance and compliance status. The objective of the technical audit is to evaluate the performance of the works contractors and the supervisory contract holders from an organizational, technical, contractual and financial point of view during the project implementation phase.

The purpose of the Technical Audit is to maintain a proper and timely project implementation in conformity with best international practice through regularly monitoring issuing to the relevant stakeholders and principally to the Client opinions, corrective measures and/or actions on the performance and compliance status of the project in order to achieve the expected results.

SIM aims to verify: the smooth execution of the work and the associated monitoring services in conformity with best international practice, in compliance with the rules of professional conduct; the good organization of the sites; the technical quality of the achievements in accordance with the Technical Specifications and the rules of the art; the compliance of payments made, and their coverage in the budget allocation; the project implementation in accordance with the budget allocated and in accordance with deadlines; report any anomaly that would affect or may affect these objectives and make appropriate recommendations to prevent or remedy them.


SIM has managed projects in more than 70 countries worldwide. We are able to draw upon the knowledge and experience of an extensive network.


Civil engineering, Hydraulic engineering, Agriculture and Rural Development, Governance, Public Administration Reform and Strengthening the Role of Civil Society ...


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