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CountryStartEndProjectSources FinancingSector
Tajikistan2015 GEF (Global Environment facility) Country Portfolio EvaluationWorld BankEvaluation
(Monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of Projects)
Albania2015 2015 Preparation of the Detailed Design and Tender Dossier for the Construction of the New Border Crossing Point (BCP) Morina (Kukes) - Vermice ( Prizren; ALB - KOS) II PhaseEuropean CommissionDesign and Supervision
Kenya2014 Technical Audit Services for the project ''Upgrading of the Merille River-Marsabit RoadEuropean CommissionMonitoring and Evaluation
Kazakhstan2014 Modernization of lab service on Food Safety control and expansion of research methods range for lab specializing in Food SafetyWorld BankTechnical Assistance
(Health Sector)
Kazakhstan2014 Development of sample curricula, training programs and sample programs World BankDesign and Supervision
Sudan2014 2013 Ex-post Technical Audit of the Construction of Offices and Accommodation Units for the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development (MoLaCD) and Judiciary of South Sudan (JoSS) European CommissionAuditing
Botswana2014 2014 Preparation of the 11th EDF regional programme in the field of infrastructureEuropean CommissionTechnical Assistance
Palestinian Territory, Occupied2014 2014 Technical Audit on Infrastructure Facilities 2008 and 2009 European CommissionTechnical Assistance
Kosovo2014 2014 Technical Assistance for Construction of Juvenile Justice Centre Facility in Lipjan/Lipljane municipalityEuropean Commission CARDSTechnical Assistance
Afghanistan2014 2014 Development of High Value Crops and Apiculture DevelopmentDFID FundDesign and Supervision