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Continent: AFRICA
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CountryStartEndProjectSources FinancingSector
Kenya2014 Technical Audit Services for the project ''Upgrading of the Merille River-Marsabit RoadEuropean CommissionMonitoring and Evaluation
Sudan2014 2013 Ex-post Technical Audit of the Construction of Offices and Accommodation Units for the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development (MoLaCD) and Judiciary of South Sudan (JoSS) European CommissionAuditing
Botswana2014 2014 Preparation of the 11th EDF regional programme in the field of infrastructureEuropean CommissionTechnical Assistance
Tanzania2013 Technical Audit of the Project "Improvement of Rural Roads in Tanzania" European CommissionAuditing
Mozambique2013 Design Check and Supervision of network Expansion in Nampula, Angoche, and PembaFIPAG -EIB EC-AFD-ORETSupervision
Tunisia2013 2014 Advisory Services for the Initiative for Risk Mitigation in Africa project (IRMA)AfDB-African Development BankTechnical Assistance
(Monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of Projects)
Gabon2012 2012 Assistance Technique a la Commune de Libreville: appui a la mise en œuvre des mesures d'accompagnement social et amenagement du quartierEuropean CommissionTechnical Assistance
Mauritania2012 2012 Évaluation et audit technique du projet "Renouvellement du Port Minéralier de Nouadhibou"European CommissionEvaluation
Burkina Faso2012 2012 Assistance Technique Pour Dépouillement, Analyse Et Evaluation Des Offres, Et Attribution Du Marche Des Travaux Du Projet De Renforcement Du Tronçon De Route Sakoinsè - Boromo European CommissionTechnical Assistance
(Technical Assistance)
Sao Tome and Principe2012 2012 Assistência Técnica à unidade de planificação e seguimento dos transportes de São Tomé e Príncipe - Fase 2 European CommissionTechnical Assistance
(Transport Sector)