Central & South America

CountryStartEndProjectSources FinancingSector
Peru 2013 2014 Monitoring and Evaluation of the project “Due Sponde” - Economic development and promotion of socially oriented companies in the Peruvian departments of origin of migration in Italy Fondazione Cariplo Monitoring and Evaluation
(Monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of Projects)
Guyana 2010 2010 Technical Assistance to Factory Operations of the Guyana Sugar Corporation European Commission Technical Assistance
Bahamas 2010 2010 10th FED Identification Study Transport and Water Supply Projects European Commission Identification And Formulation Study
Peru 2009 2009 Ex-ante evaluation of Projects financed by PIF Fondo Italo Peruano Evaluation
(Monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of Projects)
Paraguay 2009 2009 Mid-term evaluation of the project N° ALA/2004/016-868 Modernizacion de la Administration Publica en Paraguay" European Commission Mid-Term Evaluation
Haiti 2009 2009 Evaluation finale du Programme Micro Réalisations (PMR) en République d'Haïti (8ème FED) European Commission EDF Evaluation
Peru 2008 2008 Technical Support for Regional / Eje Vial No. 1 ALA/2005/17-545 European Commission Evaluation
(Monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of Projects)
Haiti 2008 2008 Preliminary and final design for the rehabilitation and extension of Gonaïves town water supply network European Commission Design and Supervision
Haiti 2008 2009 Mise à jour des spécifications standard pour la construction des routes et ponts et du catalogue des structures de chaussées European Commission ACP Technical Assistance
Belize 2008 2009 Engineer for the National Authorizing Office's Project Implementation Unit - Belize European Commission Technical Assistance
Peru 2008 2012 Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects financed by FIP Fondo Italo Peruano Monitoring and Evaluation
(Culture - Information)
Peru 2004 2008 Monitoring Funded Projects already funded by the PIF Monitoring Fondo Italo Peruano Monitoring and Evaluation



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