Monitoring & Evaluation

Since 1985, SIM core activity, as per its name, is specialised in Monitoring and Evaluation.

Monitoring is an independent review of development aid interventions. It provides a brief snapshot on the implementation of an intervention at a given moment. It is a continuing function to provide project management with timely indication of project implementation progress and recommendations on measures to be taken to maintain or improve the expected performance. Monitoring aim to check progress against plans. The data acquired through monitoring is used for evaluation.

The evaluation purpose is to ensure that the programme/project components have been fully executed in accordance with the stipulated conditions and the desired benefits have either been or will be achieved by programme completion date. It is typically focuses on the following five topics: Relevance; Effectiveness; Efficiency; Impact and Viability and sustainability of results.

SIM has broad knowledge and strong experience in: Monitor and evaluate all the activities implemented within the Project; Monitoring of project implementation and evaluation of operations through performance indicators; Internal results-oriented M&E; Assist in conducting of the current evaluation of the Project; Specify the strategy of data analysis, including development of a set of monitoring indicators separated in inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impact; Support Project Management in the evaluation and selection of technical proposals; Complete the project logframe; Analyse the economic and financial impact; Monitor the perception of Project potential and actual beneficiaries; Conduct the final review of the Project implementation effectiveness at completion of the Project implementation as well as to assist to the Project specialists in preparation of Report on completion and; Build on the work done and lessons learned during the programming phase - validate and further detail the proposed project objectives, purpose, expected results and tangible outcome of the activities.


SIM has managed projects in more than 70 countries worldwide. We are able to draw upon the knowledge and experience of an extensive network.


Civil engineering, Hydraulic engineering, Agriculture and Rural Development, Governance, Public Administration Reform and Strengthening the Role of Civil Society ...


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