Technical Assistance

SIM mission is to contribute and increase the usefulness of the institutions and to promote the civil society development through international Technical Assistance (TA) programmes supporting Central and Local Administrations, Public Agencies, and Local Communities.

The purpose of TA is to define as form of sharing information and expertise, instruction, skills training, transmission of working knowledge and consulting services that include the involvement of long, and short-term consultants. The target of technical assistance is to maximize the quality of project implementation and impact by supporting administration, management, policy development, capacity building, etc..

SIM provide qualified and professional technical assistance to the Contracting Authority for: the Management and organisation of large projects in developing countries; Institutional building and strengthening; service infrastructure-building activities; Economic and financial analysis; Small and Medium Enterprise Development; Technical support for pre­-qualification and tender procedures; Selection of tender and contractual methods and procedures; Economics policy and social issues (including Social and Environmental Impact, Gender Analysis, etc.); Governance, public administration reform and organisational development of public institutions. Ensure that cross-cutting issues of governance, gender and environment are incorporated into the proposed project.


SIM has managed projects in more than 70 countries worldwide. We are able to draw upon the knowledge and experience of an extensive network.


Civil engineering, Hydraulic engineering, Agriculture and Rural Development, Governance, Public Administration Reform and Strengthening the Role of Civil Society ...


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